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New publications about the SkyWay project in the international media

Микроразметка статьи

Recently, the materials about the development of the SkyWay project in the UAE appeared on the English-language portal Interesting Engineering, as well as on the websites of Time Out Sharjah and Polish magazine Komputer Swiat.

Interesting Engineering

According to the journalists from Interesting Engineering, the over 2-km test section is under construction at the Unitsky String Technologies R&D centre in Sharjah, and the first passenger running tests will begin there in the next few weeks.

Besides that, the article describes the main advantages of the string transport. The journalists mention that the SkyWay flyover is cheaper than building new roads and requires less maintenance, and due to its being above the ground, the free space can be used for commercial and residential properties.

Time Out Sharjah

In the article, the journalists highlight that the SkyWay technology in Sharjah is gradually approaching the final stages of testing in the Sharjah Research and Technology Park (SRTI Park).

The article also mentions that the Belarusian engineers from Unitsky String Technologies, Inc. are planning to build a 130-km freight line from Sharjah to Khor Fakkan in the next three years to increase transport accessibility to the region and to make it more environmentally friendly.

Komputer Swiat

The authors of the article in Komputer Swiat focused on the advantages of the SkyWay technology. According to the Polish journalists, there is no need to modify the environment and change the existing road scheme in order to build string tracks. In addition, the SkyWay transport does not emit any exhaust gases and moves quieter than trains.

Similar to previous media reports, the Komputer Swiat journalists point out that Unitsky String Technologies company plans to build an over 100- kilometers track from Sharjah to the port city of Khor Fakkan by 2024.

What kind of media are they?

Interesting Engineering is an English-language portal that highlights innovative engineering developments around the world.

Time Out is a major international media and entertainment company. Operating in 108 cities in 39 countries, it has a global monthly coverage of 242 million people across all platforms.

Komputer Swiat is a Polish monthly magazine on information technology.

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